Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One is the loneliest number....

As the cougarette wanders the wilds of single life, the thought dawns on her that one truly can be the loneliest number that she's ever known.  Now it is important for the cougarette to remain single and steadfast in order to be open to practicing her heartbreaker skills such as flirting, caressing, attention getting and so forth that might be frown upon by a serious suitor.  Listen, I am not heartless, I know that this is setting myself up to be on my own for quite a while (that's right, cougarville is still quite a few years away) but this is a sacrifice I am willing to make to refine my art.  Every artist must bleed for their art right?!  Anyway, these thoughts lead me to the importance of the next lesson in my cougarette training: self-efficiency.  It is important to build a strong foundation of confidence and self-esteem if you wish to ever achieve the upper-echelons of cougarhood!  Now there may be some lonely nights, and some tears on the pillow during this stage of training, but the silver lining is that someone undertaking this lesson will walk away with an increased sense of who they are and how awesome they are! 

See there are 2 different kinds of cougars out there.  There is the sad, lonely old ladies that sit at the bar all by themselves secretly thinking about her dozens of cats at home trying to think about whether she remembered to feed them before leaving or not.  And then there is the svelt cougar with the smokey eyes, push-up bra offering the proper support, leaning against the bar smiling and chatting away with those around her.  So what is the difference?  Confidence!  This is where the lesson comes in... it's important to cultivate talents and strengths in order to build confidence in yourself.  This is a lesson that will not only benefit the cougarette or the cougar, but it'll also benefit the prey... I mean partner she settles down with!  He will appreciate the glow the confidence and the stability it brings. 

The second part of this lesson is simple, when you are busy and expanding your horizons, loneliness is no longer at the forefront of your mind making the journey through the wilds of life alone a little more manageable, and help make the journey more fun as you learn new things and take new risks in your life!