Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome

Every girl has had that moment where they imagine a tall, dark and handsome man riding up on the white horse and sweeping them away for a romantic sunset ride at least once in their lives.  Granted it's usually when we are in a dead-end relationship or day-dreaming over some unfinished homework, but still, it happens!  I never thought this fantasy would come true, until that fatefully Monday afternoon that my Spanish Cowboy rode up and swept me away for a sunny afternoon ride.  I have to tell you, it was the utmost romantic date I had EVER been on!  He stretched his hand out and hoisted me on to the saddle snuggled up right against him.  I need to interject her and state that he is the HOTTEST guy ever, you look into his dreamy eyes and forget everything you were about to say.... sigh...  Anyway, back to the story at hand.  As I relaxed into him on the saddle I began to strike up conversations with him. 

Me:  So what is your horse's name?
Cowboy: my horse's name?
Me: yes, what is her name?
Cowboy: her name is Susannah

Me again:  So how often do you ride her?
Cowboy:  Ride her?
Me:  yes, how often do you take Susannah for a ride?
Cowboy:  Oh...  every day

At this point I am thinking he is either hard of hearing or I am speaking a different language.... and then it hits me!  I am speaking a different language!  See I met Mr. Cowboy at a latin dance in Mesa and we did talk a little, but didn't go too far past the beginning questions.  It never crossed my mind that he no habloed ingles.  I was at a crossroads: do I keep going with this man who doesn't understand me, or do I just laugh at the situation and move on.  After so many years of dating I began to think that a language barrier might not be the worst barrier I have ever come across and it might be nice not to be back talked or fought with, just to have a hot spanish cowboy on my arm smiling... ok, don't judge me....  I entertained this idea for longer than I am willing to admit, but did concede that this might possibly not be the kind of relationship I would like to be in, so I politely thanked him for the ride and turned to watch my Spanish Cowboy ride off into the sunset that day with the memory of my tall, dark and handsome man who had ridden up on his white horse and swept me away for a magical afternoon.  Maybe someday another smoldering cowboy will ride up on a white horse and sweep me away, and actually speak my language!  Until then..... cougarette signing out!