Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Types of Men- the Manther

As I was perusing Urbandictionary.com (one of my fav websites by FAR!) I came across this type of man with whom I have recently become acquainted:  The Manther.  This is the male version of a cougar, or an older man who preys on young girls.  It's funny even as I say that I think "ew what a creeper!"  I know, I know, with the whole cougar thing this is me pot calling the kettle black, but still... ew....

I was at a party recently and there were far too many Manthers for my liking.  The problem with these guys is that they are so bitter and jaded that they become extremely full of themselves.  If I were to hold up a mirror for them they would see the suave and debonair man they once were when they had hair and an age that started with a 2.  These guys spend a lot of time in the gym getting ripped and then stop by the tanning salon to grab them some color.  They look at themselves and think "man I have never looked so good, I'm gonna get me a hottie that looks as good as me!"  Anyway, I digress... back to the party....  seeing as I am still in my 20's, I am still considered Manther bait and those Manthers are out on the prowl.  As I sat by the pool I could see the guys looking at me and each would take their turns coming up to "introduce themselves" and try to put their arm around me as many times as possible.  The women their age sat across the pool glowering at them, or maybe me I couldn't really tell which one they were looking at.  Any girl likes attention, and at first I will admit I was a little carried away with all the attention until someone stopped me in my tracks!  As one particularly tanned and bulky man was taking his turn talking to me, this girl (I could almost say woman, that's how old she is) walked up, looked at me, then at him and said "dad, I'm ready to go."  I looked at this young woman who was approximately my height, with makeup and an ASU t-shirt and was quickly doing the math in my head trying to figure out how old this guy must really be.  After some response in the affirmative, he leans over to me and says "that's my daughter.  I'm such a proud dad, she just finished her first year at ASU.  Hey didn't you say you went to ASU too?"  I mean really!  What do you say to that??!!  Uh yes, I actually DO go to ASU, maybe I'll cross paths with your daughter and we can be BFF's and maybe you can pick me up after class when you pick up your daughter too!  Um no....  I don't want to date a guy who could be my dad... NEXT!

Any girl that is my age and still single knows exactly what I am talking, and has been through this situation.  They have seen the balding 40 something year old guy still attending the Young Single Adult activities because as they say, they are young at heart.  Well 40 yr old creeper, you aren't, just accept it and stop touching my shoulders!  Anyway... that's all I have to say on that topic for now.....

It's a jungle out there for reals girls!  Happy hunting!

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